St Barts and Colombier Beach

Saint-Barthélemy is one of the magnificent islands of the French West Indies. Small due to its surface area of ​​only around twenty square kilometers, it nevertheless offers paradise settings to all nature lovers, like the famous Colombier beach.

Colombier Beach, a haven of peace away from the crowds

Take your rental car, drive along Flamands beach and park. Accessible only by boat or on foot, the famous Saint-Barthélemy beach called Colombier is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. This sublime haven of peace out of sight is still wild, so you can quietly enjoy the flora and fauna of the French West Indies.

Colombier Beach Saint Barthelemy St Barts

Colombier Bay, a jewel case

The magic of this beach also lies in the fact that there is no direct route to it. However, it is possible to park in a car park and finish your way on foot along a path where you will come across countless turtles and wild goats. Besides the magnificent view of the flora of the island, you can also enjoy a sublime panorama of the bay, and see in the distance, the neighboring islands of Saint Martin and Anguilla. Twenty minutes will be enough to reach this paradise at the western tip of Saint-Barthélemy out of sight.

A perfect spot for snorkeling

In Colombier, the water is transparent and nature still preserved. This is the perfect place to put on your mask and take your snorkel, to conquer the surrounding seabed. Take the opportunity to relax in these crystal clear waters. You will then have the opportunity to see multiple species of fish as well as some magnificent sea turtles.

So, Saint-Barthélemy and the Colombier beach tempts you? Take advantage of our car rentals and visit this exceptional destination.