Gustavia, a jewel in the Caribbean

Boasting pristine beaches, and luxury boutiques, hotels, and restaurants, French-speaking St. Barts is a Caribbean gem just waiting to be discovered. With so many idyllic corners to uncover, why not start by making a beeline for its capital, Gustavia? Do not hesitate ! For car rental in St Barthelemy, only one address: Budget St. Barth

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Named after King Gustav III of Sweden, St. Barts was first claimed by the French in 1648, and by the Swedes in 1784, before returning to France in 1877, hence its plethora of cultural influences.

Gustavia Saint Barthelemy St Barts

Discovering Gustavia, capital of St Barthelemy

Even the most discerning traveler will find their slice of paradise in this port town. Begin with Fort Karl. Climb its tower for sprawling views over the capital’s port and its red-hued rooftops that contrast the island’s endless blue shores.

Splendid Beaches

Then, sun, sand, and sea await you. Brimming with warm waves, powdery white sand, and turquoise waters, Gustavia’s beaches are perfect for recharging your batteries. Adventure buffs needn’t worry - surfing, snorkeling, and kitesurfing are also abound here. Shell Beach, which is scattered with millions of seashells, is known for its jaw-dropping sunsets, while secluded and less tourist-ridden Gouverneur Beach is for off the beaten path travelers seeking a break from the center’s hustle and bustle.

Gastronomy in Gustavia

After spending the day at the beach, experience a taste of what the capital has to offer by unearthing its coveted culinary scene. Both just a stone’s throw away from Shell Beach, flock to Bonito or Orega for a chic night out. The former plays with French and South American flavors while the latter is gourmet French/Japanese-inspired. For casual eats, Eddy’s is great for no-fuss fish in a gorgeous garden, and L’Isoletta serves up Roman-style pizza in a gastro-pub setting. And if you’re looking to quench your thirst, visit Le Select, the oldest bar in St. Barts, or Shellona on Shell Beach, where you can enjoy an aperitif while sinking your toes into the sand.

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