Additional Services

  • Extra Driver
A flat rate of 8.00 €, per extra driver, for each day of the rental with a maximum of 10 days.
  • Fuel Option
You can save time and money by taking the fuel option. This means your contract includes a charge for a full tank (at preferential rates) when you collect your car so avoiding the time-consuming need to look for a gas station when you return the car which otherwise could have you miss your flight.
  • Baby seats and child boosters
We advise you to inform us when reserving your vehicle if you wish to have a baby seat installed. Baby seats and child boosters are charged at a flat rate of 8.00 € for each day of rental (maximum charge 10 days).
  • Extra Coverage
Liability Damage Waiver, and The Personal Assistance Insurance, to provide you with additional protection. Check our insurance and extra coverage page for more information.