Insurance & Extra Coverage

Our normal rates already include:

  • Civil liability, third-party and fire insurance.
  • Vehicle immobilization and repatriation's cost coverage in the event of an accident.

The customer remains liable for any material damage and the theft of the vehicle (see amounts in table below).
  • Important!
Customers are liable for any damage to the tires, wheel rims, mirrors, soft tops and to the underside of the vehicle, as well as for tire punctures and any towing charges (even when CDW coverage was purchased). If keys are lost or stolen, it is necessary to replace all locks of the vehicle. The total cost of this expense will be charged to the customer.

We offers the following extra coverage policies to provide you with additional protection:

  • Liability Damage Waiver (CDW) reduces the financial liability in the event of an accident or theft caused to BUDGET vehicle and is available for a nominal fee. In case of an accident this sum will be reimbursed should liability of an identified third party be clearly established.
  • The Personal Assistance Insurance (PAI) insures people transported in the rental vehicle, is available for a nominal fee.

Max Capital guaranteed in the event of: Driver Other passengers
Death 20.000 € 20.000 €
Permanent disability sliding scale 20.000 € 20.000 €
Medical expenses 1.000 € 1.000 €

Risks Extra policy coverage offered by BUDGET Abbreviation
Payment of material damage or theft caused to the BUDGET vehicle, with an upper limit Collision Damage Waiver - Reduction in financial liability in the event of an accident or theft caused to the BUDGET vehicle CDW
Need for medical assistance for bodily harm to the driver and/or passengers Individual assistance and insurance for the people transported in the hired vehicle PAI

Rates for extra policy coverage and maximum liability
Cat. Model or Similar * CDW Without CDW Coverage With CDW Coverage
A Hyundai i10 14 € 10.500 € 500 €
C Hyundai i20 14 € 13.500 € 500 €
I/N Jeep Wrangler 20 € 10.500 € 1.500 €
J Greatwall V80 20 € 20.000 € 500 €
L Daihatsu Terios 16 € 20.000 € 500 €
M Mini Cooper 25 € 25.000 € 1.500 €
O Hyundai Tucson 20 € 26.000 € 500 €
* Make/Models are subject to change. Models listed are representative of the many available in the various group.